A (much too) quick round through central Europe
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Through 3 countries in central Europe in a little more then a week? Of course we got no more then a short impression; but it was a very rewarding one. I think we will certainly back for more one day. Our route was: Krakow-Auschwitz-Tatra mountains-Prague-and back again.

pic 1 Early morning view to the "Wawel"; the citadel of Krakow
pic 2 Scene inside the ghotic cathedral in the Wawel
pic 3 The central square of Krakow; the home of one of the world's largest pigeon population
Pic 4 Is this Art or not? The open air art gallery
Pic 5 Statues in front of the Church of St. Peter in Krakow

From Krakow we drove to Auschwitz. It was not beautiful but very impressive. From there we went south to the Tatras were we spent several days hiking on both the Polish and the Slovakian side.

Pic 6 The end of the railway line in the camp Birkenau, Auschwitz. On both sides of this railway were two huge gaschambers. About 1,5 million people died here, mainly Jews. People literally came to the end of their line.
Pic 7 A mountain hut on the Polish side of the Tatras
Pic 8 On the trek early in the morning
pic 9 September; nature is starting to dress up in autumn colours
pic 10 In the high Tatras.

The Tatras are certainly a very beautiful mountain range. We were probably there in the best time of the year too, with amazing weather. The biggest disadvantage is the crowds. Never expected to meet so many people on normal working days in mid September. The huts were full and people had to sleep on the floor. It was crowdier than the Alps in peak season. Despite of the crowds; there is amazingly litle rubbish lying around, so thumbs up for the Polish and Slovakian hikers!

pic 11 Lake Morskie Oko. A VERY popular spot in the Polish Tatras. It's beautiful there but you certainly won't be alone
pic 12 Mengusovska dolina on the Slovakian side.
pic 13 Going up again. We had very little complaints about the weather!
pic 14 One of the many lakes in the Tatras
pic 15 Zelene pleso; the most beautiful corner of the Tatras we have seen.

Pic 16 Last shot of the Slovakian Tatras
Pic 17 View from the famous Karluv most to the citadel of Prague
Pic 18 One Karluv most early in the morning
Pic 19 Detail of the ghotic St. Vitus cathedral
Pic 20 Inside the St. Vitus cathedral.

Pic 21 One more shot of the impressive St. Vitus cathedral
Pic 22 Play that Jazz!! ...on the central square in Prague
Pic 23 Inside the amazing 'Spanish Synagogue'
Pic 24 Tombstone in the old Jewish cemetary
Pic 25 Last but not least: Prague by night.

A very impressive and versatile week in central Europe but certainly much too short. Like I said in the beginning; we will certainly be back for more.

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