Crete off the beaten track

In November we went for a week to the island of Crete. The plan was to do some serious hiking in the mountains. Unfortunately November is not the month with the most stable weather and it was mostly rainy. Still i think we managed to make some nice walks, see some beautifull sights and get some nice shots.

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pic 1 The famous dolphin fresco at Knossos
pic 2 The church at Anapolis, south west Crete
pic 3 The start of the Aradhena gorge
Pic 4 Inside the dramatic Aradhena gorge
Pic 5 Another beautifull gorge: Imbros

Pic 6 Scenery near the remote village of Kallikratis
Pic 7 Altar in the church at Kallikratis
Pic 8 The Ayia Triadha monastery
pic 9 Same monestary, different angle
pic 10 the scenery of western Crete. View to the Lefka Ori

pic 11 Omalos plateau in autumn clours
pic 12 Me looking over the samaria gorge
pic 13 marinka looking out over the Omalos plateau
pic 14 the village priest
pic 15 the Lashiti plateau

pic 11 Old man in one of the villages on the Lashiti Plateau
pic 12 Scenery in the mountains near Lashiti
pic 13 Whats the latest gossip?
pic 14 The Dhiktean cave. According to legend the birthplace of Zeus
pic 15 Another village man

All pictures © Marinka en Joost de Wall
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