Page 3, Bale mountains, Arba Minch and Awassa.

Pic 1 : Some scenery from the upper regions of the web Valley in Bale Mountains
Pic 2: A family of warthogs in Bale.
Pic 3: The Beautifull male mountain Nyala.
Pic 4: A few female mountain Nyalaīs. In the background you see the village Dinsho.

Pic 5 : A fisherman on lake Chamo, near Arba Minch
Pic 6: Pelicans.........
Pic 7: two crocs on the "crocedile market"
Pic 8: a HUGE croc coming in for a visit.....
Pic 9: some hippos. Unfortunately they were all in the water.

Pic 10: View from the terrace of the Bekele Mola hotel at Arba Minch.
Pic 11 and 12: two scenes from the market at Chenca.
Pic 13: A "dorze" hut near Chenca.
Pic 14: Evening mood on lake Awassa.

Okay....last email. From Addis Abeba on 24 November the day before leaving.

Greetings all,

I am back in Addis now. BIg ugly Addis. In the 1,5 hour i am walking on the streets here i have been approached by approx a 100 beggars. They all expect some money from the white man but there are just to many. Its something i find very hard to deal with.
I dont like Addis.

Since my last email i went to the BAle mountains. This area was really a haven of peace and quiet. The scenery reminded me sometimes of Scotland; green rolling hills. The wildlife was great. I saw mountain Nyala, Bushbuck, red buck, warthogs, lots of birds and some more ethiopian wolves. Unfortunately i didn't manage to get very close to one of them so i dont have a good picture of this beautifull and very rare beast.

From the BAle mountains i went to Arba Minch. Two full days in a bus. Those bus rides are something special. They are always full, slow, the roads are in a bad shape. The shape of the busses is even worse. The thing that makes the busrides really unfomfortable is that Ethiopians strongly believe that any fresh air circulation will be fatal. Any attempt to open a window will immediatey start a riot so busses turn into big saunas with 50 sweating people.

Arba Minch was quite nice though. The scenery there was fantastic. The highlight of my stay there was a boattrip on lake Chamo to a spot called the crocodile market. Its called africa's best viewing point of big crocodiles. And indeed: you can get withing a few meters of 5 meter giant monsters. Some crocs were definately bigger then the boat!!! Quite fascinating....but also nervewrecking, I'll tell ya!!!!!

So now its time to get home. I notice i start thinking more and more about food. Suddenly a big greasy burger with some french fries and a milkshake starts to sound like an interesting proposition!!! Or a large chunc of Dutch cheese! Yum! ...Or some icecream with choco cause!! Drool!!!!

I also start to long for some comforts you normally take for granted. LIke a hot shower that works. Or public transport that doesn't break down every hour. Or my own stereo playing Peter Hammill songs!! But most of all i like to be able to walk the streets like a normal person. Here in Ethiopia you are constantly approached by beggars, street salesmen and young man proclaiming to be your guide. Almost every kid shouts; 'You! You! You!' and then demands a pen or some money. You simply have NO PRIVACY at all here on the streets. So to be able to walk around in relative anonimity; heaven!!!!!!!!

But i should not be so cynical (addis is doing this to me), it really has been a most wonderfull vacation. So tomorrow i return home in good health, with 18 films of slides, a ton of experiences richer and a few kilos lighter.

See, speak or chat with you all soon!!!

Now can someone please reserve a seat for me at the McDonalds monday at lunch time???


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