Journey through Iran, May 2003
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Part 1: Bam, Shiraz and Persepolis
May 2003; the smoke is still clearing from the fighting in Iraq and we decided to go backpacking through the neighbouring Iran, like Iraq part of the "axis of evil". Indeed there were very few tourists around. Too bad, Iranian people are amazingly friendly and hospitable and don't deserve to be labelled as being evil. For travellers the only thing truly evil is the traffic.

After landing in Tehran we took an internal flight to Kerman in the south. From there it was a short busride to our first stop Bam, with its amazing old walled city and beautiful citadel.

pic 1 Our first stop: Bam with its impressive citadel
pic 2 View from the city wall into the old town of Bam; the only other tourists we saw were Iranians.
pic 3 View from the citadel over the old town
Pic 4 On top of the citadel
Pic 5 Scarfs for sale in Kerman

From Bam we took the bus back to Kerman and the next day we went on to Shiraz, where we stayed two days. A great city with many incredible mosques, tombs, madrasahs and parks. Persepolis is only an hour away and can be visited in a half-day excursion.

Pic 6 Some mosaiques in the regents mosque
Pic 7 3 Mullahs in madraseh ye Khan
Pic 8 Scene in Nasir Ol-Molk mosque
pic 9 Another one in Nasir Ol-Molk mosque, Shiraz' most beautiful mosque
pic 10 ...and it has some great stained glass windows!

pic 11 Inside the mausoleum of Shah e Cheragh
pic 12 A school class in the park
pic 13 Golestan park
pic 14 the blue dome of Emamzadeh-ye Ali Ebn-e Hamze
pic 15 Inside the tomb of Emamzadeh-ye Ali Ebn-e Hamze


Pic 16 Girls eating icecream in the Parc of the tomb of Hafez
Pic 17 Scene in Persepolis
Pic 18 A face from 2500 years ago is looking at me
Pic 19 Another amazing stone carving in persepolis
Pic 20 Marinka sitting on the stairs to the palace of 100 colums

Now time for some mountains: Dena chain in Zagros moutains PART 2

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