Journey through Iran, May 2003
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Part 1: Zagros mountains and Esfahan
One look at the map shows that Iran has a lot of high mountain ranges. After reading guidebooks and searching the internet I found surprisingly little about these mountains. Apparently not many go there. We decided to do two short trekkings with the aid of a local agency. One in the north in the Talesh region (see part 3) and one in the Zagros range more to the South. In the zagros range we did a trek in the Dena chain (look for the city Yasuj on the map). This chain has 36 peaks over 4000 meters and has some pretty wild scenery. Here are some pictures.

pic 1 This macro was taken near the village Si-sakt, Zagros mountains
pic 2 A muledriver coming up the mountains
pic 3 Typical scenery in the Dena Chain
Pic 4 3 Qashqa-i nomad women taking a break
Pic 5 Quite dramatic scenery there!

Pic 6 Who wouldn't like a camping spot like that?
Pic 7 Hiking in the snow in Iran; who would have thaught?
Pic 8 Nice alpine looking valley.
pic 9 3 nomadic women coming down the mountain
pic 10 View from the road back to Yasuj to the Dena chain.

After the trekking our guides dropped us of in Yasuj from where we tok the bus to Esfahan where we spend the next few days. Esfahan is Irans most popular and well known city. May is also peak tourist season. We met maybe 10 other tourists.

pic 11 The beautiful Sheik Lotfollah mosque
pic 12 In one of the hallways of the Lotfollah mosque
pic 13 on the inner square of the huge Eman mosque
pic 14 To give you an impression of the size of things
pic 15 Some mosaiques in the Eman Mosque

Pic 16 Esfahan's bazar; a souvenir hunters paradise
Pic 17 Khaju bridge
Pic 18 relaxing in the teahouse under the Si-o-Seh bridge
Pic 19 Khomeini square by night. View to Eman mosque.
Pic 20 Ali Qapu palace by night.

Pic 21 Some details in the Jameh mosque
Pic 22 Inside the JAmeh mosque
Pic 23 a mullah caught in fridays prayer
Pic 24 Detail of the stone altar dating from the mongol period
Pic 25 a chandelier hanging under an amber window in the Jameh mosque

from here we went on to Tabriz and the Talesh region. See PART 3

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