Adventure trails in Jordan
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In Oktober 2002 i went with my girlfriend for two weeks to the lovely kingdom of Jordan. It wasn't going to be the standard quick tour along the sights. No, a trip with plenty of time for long walks and treks in Jordan's spectacular scenery.

We started in Madaba from where we visited mount Nebo and the dead sea. From there along the King's highway to Dana nature reserve where we spend 3 full days. Most tourists dont visit Dana on their visit to Jordan. Too bad, it is really a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

pic 1 Inside the Moses memorial Church on mount Nebo
pic 2 One of the hallways in Kerak castle
pic 3 View from near the Rummana campsite in Dana
Pic 4 Some sanddomes in late evening light
Pic 5 On the trail from the campsite to Dana village

From the Rummana campsite in Dana we took the trail to Dana Village. One of the few old villages in Jordan. A really lovely place with great views over Wadi Dana, green terraces and friendly people.

Pic 6 View of Dana Village
Pic 7 A goatherder beckoning his goat
Pic 8 The shopkeeper in Dana being very busy
pic 9 On the plains near Shobak on the descent in Wadi Ghuweir
pic 10 The superb red sandstone siq of Wadi Ghuweir

A bit of a downside of Dana nature reserve is that the park authorities force you to hire expensive guides on rather easy and straightforward hikes. For example: the easy 2 hour trail from Rummana to Dana village will cost you about 12 Jordan Dinar (almost 20 Euro). A tip for people who like to do it by themselves: go down the fantastic Wadi Ghuweir!! This splendid gorge is mainly outside the park so the park authorities can't force you to hire an official guide. The hike back up through Wadi Dana, which was almost an anti climax after Wadi Ghuweir, can be self guided.

The previous 2 and the next 5 show the 8 hour hike down Wadu Ghuweir from Start to Finish.

pic 11 Action pic on the narrowest part of the gorge
pic 12 when the gorge widens a bit you get this tropical paradise...
pic 13 ....with hanging gardens coming down the red sandstone.
pic 14 the last bit is dominated by black vulcanic rock...
pic 15 ....untill you reach the dry plains near feinnan.

You think this was spectacular? Wait till you see part 2, Petra

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