Adventure trails in Jordan
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A visit to Petra should be included in any visit to Jordan. This is simply one of the most impressive historical sights in the world. Apart from that the great mountain scenery invites you to make long hikes in the area around Petra. We made two hikes apart from the obligatory tour along the highlights. The hike from Little Petra back to Petra. This one is highly recommended; easy and not too long. The other hike we made was south of Petra: from Wadi Tibn to Sabra and back to Petra. It turned out to be a very long hike on a very hot day. Especially the first part through Wadi Tibn is stunning.

pic 1 The entrance to Petra is this impressive gorge...
pic 2 ... which suddenly reveals...
pic 3 ... the treasury!!!!!!
Pic 4 Just to give you an idea of the scale of things.
Pic 5 Some weathered temples on the east cliff

Pic 6 Old and weathered...but still beautifull
Pic 7 View from the high place of sacrifice
Pic 8 the Monastery closeup
pic 9 A bedouin girl near Sabra
pic 10 Sunset over petra.

For me Petra's most amazing feature is the wonderfull coloured rock. Here are a few examples.

pic 11 A shot on the way down the high place of sacrifice
pic 12 A view into what used to be some ones living room
pic 13 Where can i buy a door like that?
pic 14 This great rock which leaves you to conclude...
pic 15 ...that nature is still the world's greatest artist!

From here we went on to the surreal landscapes of wadi Rum

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