Adventure trails in Jordan
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Experts claim that Wadi Rum is the most spectacular desert scenery in the world. Apart from the fact that it is the ONLY desert I've seen so far i have to agree with the experts! What a complete surreal landscape! Apart from the scenery the friendlyness and hospitality of the bedouin people make me want to go back there as soon as possible. Truely the highlight of my trip to Jordan!

pic 1 Rum village in evening light
pic 2 the Giant sanddomes of wadi rum
pic 3 Red sanddunes in wadi umm Ashreen
Pic 4 What can i say? its a camel.
Pic 5 Tracks in the sand

Pic 6 Indiana Joost on the rock bridge of Jebel Burdah
Pic 7 From from Jebel Burdah
Pic 8 The surreal landscape of Rum
pic 9 View on the way to Jebel umm Adaami
pic 10 Bedouins making bread. The bread is simply buried in the hot ashes.

pic 11 Storm brewing over Rum
pic 12 Just being re-introduced to rum....
pic 13 ...the Arabian Orynx!
pic 14 From Rum we went back to Amman
pic 15 with a visit to Jerash.

Thats all folks, hope you liked them. Please feel free to revisit PETRA or DANA

The following website was of great help in planning our trip:

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