The Far North of Europe

Part 1 Stockholm and Finnish Lapland.
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In August 2004 we took a long road trip to the North of Europe. The first stop was a few days in Stockholm.

pic 1 View on the old town of Stockholm from the stadhuset
pic 2 The gold room inside the magnificent stadhuset
pic 3 Scene at the drugstore in Skansen
Pic 4 The Vaasa; an absolute must-see
Pic 5 'An angel of light' in the one of the many churches

It was a long drive from Stockholm up to Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland. After a short stop there we went on to Inari, in the north west.


Pic 6 View on Lake Inari
Pic 7 The wilderness of Lapland
Pic 8 View from the top of Otsamo Fjell
pic 9 You can't really miss them: reindeers
pic 10 Another shot from Otsamo Fjell, near Inari

pic 11 Another animal you are likely to spot: the Moose
pic 12 Inside Lemmenjokki National Park
pic 13 View over the Lemmenjokki valley
pic 14 A traditionally dressed lappi woman in front of a lappi hut
pic 15 At the husky farm

From Finnish Lapland we drove to Norwegian Lapland

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