The Far North of Europe

Part 2. Norwegian Lapland
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First we spend a couple of days near Tromsö. After that we went a bit south to the beautifull island of Senja.

pic 1 Looking over the Tromsö fjord
pic 2 Scenery at the Kvaloy peninsula
pic 3 The town of Tromvik, not far from Tromsö
Pic 4 The symbol of Lapland and sough by many: a cloudberry
Pic 5 Evening view over the sea and mountains

Pic 6 The town of Sommeroy
Pic 7 Beautifull quiet bay
Pic 8 More from Sommeroy
pic 9 Idyllic beaches 350 km above the polar circle
pic 10 Sunset at the campsite on Senja

pic 11 Scenery on Senja
pic 12 the absolutely stunning village of Husoy
pic 13 Husoy harbour.
pic 14 More scenery on Senja
pic 15 Last stop before going home: Helsinki

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